Achieve this in five years

Okay, so I originally wrote this mini bucket list back in January of 2014 so I technically have less than five years to complete. However there are a few things I have completely or partially achieved. Since writing it I have come up with about 1001 other things I really desperately want to see or do. But I thought I’d put this one up as a reminder. How about you guys? Any things you desperately want to see/do/learn, or maybe you want to do the same as me!?

Dream big and live bigger.

1. Travel around Russia (I’m working so hard on making this happen this year, fingers crossed)

2. Spend my birthday in a country other than the UK or Aus. (DONE)

3. Learn how to snowboard, or get some quick photos and say I tried. (DONE, well I got the photo to say I tried)

4. Macchu Picchu – to do this walk would be amazing

5. Ride a bicycle on death road in Bolivia

6. Re learn how to read music, I think this would be beneficial for me (currently working on)

7. Learn how to play the piano, or at least master one song to perfection which I will just play over and over again (Okay so I’ve downloaded an Ipad app for this, so it’s slowly starting)

8. Brush up on my German to fluency (downloaded duolingo, does that count?)

9. Learn to speak another language (not including English, German or Swiss German)

10. New York – cliché I know but I want to watch the ball drop on NYE ( I’ve been to NYC a couple of times, but not on NYE)

11. Rio – Christ the redeemer

12. Visit München at least another four times in this period (I love it so much) (DONE)

13. Visit an opera show (music heals my soul) (I watched a rehearsal of one in the Palais Garnier, Paris..doesn’t count completely)

14. Travel Israel (if I could work in a kibbutz that would be incredible) (DONEEEEEEE)

15. Egypt! (DONEEEEE)

16. Salt flats in Bolivia

These ones are things I don’t think I will be able to achieve in five years but I will still try.

17. The way of Saint James, 500 mile pilgrimage walk to Santiago

18. A hike along the Kamchatka Peninsula, the most active volcanoes in Russia


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